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About Us-

AAA Air Duct Cleaning is proud to be top 5 in Texas Air duct cleaning companies. Our thousands of customers can't be wrong when it comes to excellent cleaning service, wide knowledge, newest equipment, and 24/7 customer service,  Our reputation is indisputable.

AAA Air duct cleaning started in Austin, TX as a small family-owned business, after years of experience and customers who trust us we expanded to San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and other cities in Texas. 

Our goal is making our customers happy and satisfied with the job we provide and their house clean and the air fresh. 

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Why it so important cleaning the Air ducts?

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) declares that one of the top 5 environmental health dangers is indoor air contamination.

Nowadays, many of the homeowners have become aware of this problem and are taking action to improve their air quality. 

Air duct cleaning is the most efficient way to get rid of the dust, dirt, debris, and other dangerous containments that are sitting inside your Air duct system. 

Another way of cleaning the air inside your house is cleaning your HVAC system, this can also provide ease to people who suffer from hypersensitivities, asthma, or breathing problems. 

Fresh and clean air is not the only profit, when cleaning all the dirt that has accumulated over the years inside the ducts, your HVAC system will operate more easily and efficiently, which will appear in lower energy bills and expand the life on your furnace and air conditioning unit.

Why Us?

When choosing an Air duct cleaning company, you need to be sure that the company has the right equipment adjusted to your type of Air ducts. Wrong equipment can destroy or rip parts of the Air ducts and can cost you more than the cleaning to replace the ripped duct. Also, you need to look for the reviews online before scheduling the appointment. The crowd is not mistaken, National Air Duct Cleaning of Texas has lots of excellent reviews from our contented customers through the years.

AAA Air Duct Cleaning, TX offers a wide range of services to your house, a broad knowledge and equipment for all types of HVAC and duct systems, friendly and honest prices, well trained and experienced technicians and 24/7 customer service that is here for any question you have, or emergency service you need. 

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